Payung Parasol

Selling Parasol UmbrellasUmbrella parasol is one type of umbrella that is large and uses a supporting pole as a support. This product is widely used in promotional events, because this type of umbrella can be printed with a logo or company name.PARASOL UMBRELLA / PROMOTIONAL UMBRELLA, there are also various shapes and types as well as colors and motifs. here are examples of round garden pyung. which we will market (we sell) Umbrellas in a fairly large size commonly known as Parasol Umbrellas or Garden Umbrellas or Beach Umbrellas, and their functions are for broader purposes, their Umbrella functions can be for another:Because the size of this large umbrella or promotional umbrella can be made as a shelter to protect from rain or rain or protect from sunlight and heat can also be a promotional tool, by providing logos and / or advertisements on the umbrella fabric.Parasol Umbrellas can be made a place Determine the location and division of space by placing Umbrellas at certain points both for facilities that support traders in selling activities both in outdoor and indoor arenas.
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